Service Agent Portal

This website is for qualified service agents or installers who are authorised to service or install products manufactured or supplied by a member of the Datamars Group of companies. It contains documents required for servicing Datamars products including, but not limited to service manuals, technical bulletins, modular parts lists and  wiring diagrams. Datamars accepts no responsibility for the misuse of the documents published on this website.


Access to this site is restricted. If you are a service agent, please confirm your membership by emailing your contact details to after which access will be granted by approval.

Alternatively you can fill in our Webform using the appropriate link below:

  1. Stafix Service Agent Enquiry
  2. Speedrite Service Agent Enquiry
  3. PEL Service Agent Enquiry
  4. Tru-Test Livestock Management Service Agent Enquiry